Club Executive

President : Carl Hamlyn

The principal officer of the Club. Presiding at all meetings. All other officers are responsible to the President for full and faithful performance of their duties. The President shall represent the Club and assign duties, responsibilities, and authority to others, as may be required, in the best interest of the Club.

Vice President : Dave Butler

Assists the President in the performance of his/her responsibilities and duties. Replaces the President in his/her absence.

Treasurer : Steve Priest

The financial officer of the Club.  Receives all income of the Club, and deposits it in the Club name.  Keeps custody of books, records and documents of the Club, keeps an accurate financial record of all transactions, and pays Club expenses. The Treasurer shall submit a Financial Report at each meeting.  The Treasurer shall sign all cheques, with any other member of the Executive counter-signing. In his/her absence, the Vice-President will assume duties.

Administrator : Ed Farrell

Keep all records of meetings, handles correspondence, club communication, website maintenance and social media.

Past President : Steve Priest

Will continue as a member of the Executive in an advisory capacity until he/she is succeeded.


Carl Hamlyn


Past Executive Committees

YearPresidentVice-PresidentTreasurerSecretarySocial Director
1980-81B. FordF. ReeseA. FordC. Morgan 
1981-82B. FordF. ReeseA. FordC. Morgan 
1982-83B. FordC. HamlynA. FordH. Squires 
1983-84B. FordC. HamlynA. FordJ. Doyle 
1984-85B. FordC. HamlynA. FordJ. Roche 
1985-86C. HamlynW. PuddesterN. MooresJ. Walsh 
1986-87C. HamlynW. PuddesterN. MooresA. Baggs 
1987-88C. HamlynW. PuddesterL. GrahamG. LeDrew 
1988-89C. HamlynL. GrahamR. SymondsG. LeDrew 
1989-90C. HamlynL. GrahamR. SymondsG. LeDrew 
1990-91C. HamlynL. GrahamA. BaggsC. Hilliard 
1991-92C. HamlynW. PuddesterA. BaggsC. Hilliard 
1992-93C. HamlynW. PuddesterF. ReeseC. HilliardT. O’Grady
1993-94C. HamlynW. PuddesterA. BaggsC. HilliardT. O’Grady
1994-95C. HamlynR. KearleyB. Hubley/ A. BaggsG. LeDrewD. Hill
1995-96C. HamlynR. KearleyA. BaggsB. ConstantineD. Hill
1996-97F. ReeseR. KearleyD. HillJ. WalshF. Reardon
1997-98C. HamlynR. KearleyD. HillR. SkinnerL. Skinner
1998-99C. HamlynB. ConstantineD. HillR. SkinnerL. Skinner
1999-00C. HamlynB. ConstantineD. HillR. SkinnerL. Skinner
2000-01C. HilliardR. KearleyB. TuckerD. HillL. Skinner
2001-02C. HilliardR. KearleyB. TuckerA. McKeeverD. Strickland
2002-03C. HilliardS. FinlayB. TuckerA. McKeeverJ. Kennell
2003-04C. HilliardA. McKeeverM. FarrellM. DoddJ. Kennell
2004-05J. HillW. LaCourM. FarrellA. McKeeverR. Wells
2005-06J. HillW. LaCourM. FarrellA. McKeeverM. Wilkins
2006-07J. HillW. LaCourM. FarrellA. McKeeverE. Farrell Jr.
2007-08J. HillH. HowlettM. FarrellB. HollohanC. Howlett
2008-09C. HamlynH. HowlettM. FarrellB. HollohanC. Howlett
2009-10C. HamlynB. ConstantineM. FarrellJ. HollettC. Howlett
2010-11C. HamlynB. ConstantineP. KavanaghJ. HollettT. Hollett
2011-12C. HamlynT. NearyP. KavanaghJ. HollettT. Hollett
2012-13C. HamlynT. NearyP. KavanaghJ. HollettB. Ford Sr.
2013-14C. HamlynT. NearyP. KavanaghJ. HollettB. Ford Sr.
2014-15C. HamlynT. NearyP. KavanaghJ. HollettT. Hollett
2015-16C. HamlynC. HilliardP. KavanaghV. RobertsB. Ford Sr.
2016-17C. HamlynB. Ford Sr.C. HilliardV. RobertsT. Hollett
2017-18M. GregoryT. NearyP. KavanaghV. RobertsB. Ford Sr.
2018-19M. GregoryD. ButlerS. PriestK. DenineB. Ford Sr.
2019-20S. PriestD. ButlerE. FarrellK. DenineB. Ford Sr.
2020-21S. PriestD. ButlerE. FarrellK. DenineB. Ford Sr.
2021-22S. PriestD. ButlerC. GollopE. Farrell
2022-23S. PriestD. ButlerC. GollopE. FarrellC. Hamlyn
2023-24C. HamlynD. ButlerS. PriestE. Farrell

Newsletter Editors (Past):

Present – Steve Priest

Bob Ford Jr.

Warren Puddester

Moira Farrell

Jackie Smith

Connie Hilliard